Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Steel Cut Oatmeal -- New Obsession

 Yet, another ridiculously simple recipe. Welcome to my new obsession. Steel-cut oats have been my daily breakfasts for about two weeks now.  Really though!

Once you turn to these, you'll never go back to regular old-fashioned oats, let alone quick oats. During the preparation, I toasted the oats with coconut oil, which really brought out their nutty flavour.

Steel Cut Oatmeal
Recipe: serves 4 at 136kcal/serving
1 Tbsp coconut oil
1 cup dry steel cut oats
3 ½ cups water
1 Tbsp brown sugar (opt.)

Directions: 3 ways
1. Toast the steel cut oats with the coconut oil for 10 minutes on medium fire or until the oats become browned. Stir so the oats do not become burnt.
2. See option 1, 2, or 3.
3. Add some toppings!
Option 1: 
2. While the oats are toasting, boil the water. Add the toasted oats and stir continuously for 20-25 minutes or until the oats reach your desired consistency.
Option 2:
2. Add the water and toasted oats to a rice cooker and cook for 15 minutes.
Option 3: 
3. Add the water to a high pressure cooker and cook for 15 minutes. 

- For the toppings, I love adding 1/8 cup of milk, half a banana, and 1 Tbsp chia seeds 
- I prefer separating the servings after cooking
- When heating up the servings after the first day, I add some water, microwave it for 2 minutes, mix it up, then add toppings
- Be sure to add some sort of liquid when microwaving.

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  1. that looks amazing!
    i've never actually ate oatmeal but this makes me want to try it out!

    - Janine

    1. No way?! You've got to eat some! It's my favorite breakfast food :)

  2. How clever to toast them! I'm going to try that, we have coconut oil ready to be used!
    what is the difference between steel-cut and normal? I could google this but I'm asking you instead ;)

    p.s. come for dinner anytime!!


    1. Hey Gemma :)
      I believe steel-cuts are the oatmeal pieces before they're smashed into the flat version. They have a fuller flavor, which I like!

      Thanks for the invite d:

  3. That looks delish!! Would love to try this one soon. Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

    1. Hey Debie! Thanks for stopping by :) Let me know how you like it!

  4. Your photos are so beautiful! I love that you added coconut oil to steel cut oats--yum!

    1. Hi Kiersten, thanks so much! Love your blog as well :)

  5. hi Grace!!! love your blog and your healthy recipes ;)

    i love bananas and this one is great to try at home as well with my baby :)

    take care. xoxo,Meg of Sweet Gala's

    1. Hi Meg!! You've got to try this :) it's terrific. Hope you enjoy it! xx

  6. Don't steel cut oats have gluten ? I can't have that. :(


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