Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Liebster Award!

Hey hey!
So I'm super excited because I got my first award-- the Liebster Award! Thanks so much to Stephanie from Easy Taste for nominating my blog; please go check her blog out. Right now! GO!

Here are the rules that each nominee should follow:
  1. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the 11 questions made by the person who nominated you
  3. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you pass the award to.
  4. Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to pass the award to and mention them in your post.
  5. Go to their blogs and let them know that they have been nominated
  6. No tag backs.

So first, here are 11 random facts about me:

  1. I have lived in many places, including NY, Arizona, and Chicago...and now somehow ended up in China.
  2. I cannot go a day without at least one apple.
  3. I cannot stand the noise of plastic scratching on ice. I just cringed, and again.
  4. There is way too much blue in my closet.
  5. I strive to eat healthy, but when I'm with a certain people, the true me comes out (meaning I indulge on way too much).
  6. I notice people's eyebrows (ha...don't judge! ).
  7. I fall asleep during a lot of movies. Just to name a few: Pineapple Express, Saw, and Paranormal Activity. What's wrong with me?!
  8. I love making lists and charts. There's just something great about it.
  9. I have a journal where I keep thoughts for the future. For example, I've already decided that I want blue plates, a German Shepherd, and wooden beams in my future house.
  10. I love shopping online, partially because I'm stuck with 3 stores here: H&M, Zara, and Mango.
  11. I call myself a hoarder. I collect something from every "memorable event". Spring cleaning is the hardest thing for me.

11 questions for Stephanie wanted me to answer:

1. What do you love doing the most?
     I love dancing. I dance when I'm happy, I dance before I shower, I dance when I bake, and I dance when I'm eating tasty foods. My favorite type of dance is jazz/tap. Everyday, I'm always making faces, so I get an excuse to do so during jazz and tap.

2. What's the one thing you can't leave without and why?
     I cannot leave without some sort of lip balm. It's some sort of mental thing that drives me crazy if I don't have any on me. Having dried lips is just a no no. There have many times when I've had to find the nearest convenient shop to get something.
3. What is your favourite flavour in food?
     My favorite flavor in food is probably cinnamon. I love when autumn comes around and when cinnamon becomes a staple in all desserts. 
4. Where would you want your dream house to be? On the beach, in the city or on the mountain and why?
     I would love for my dream house to be on a mountain top looking over a city. My favorite part about living in Arizona was the sunrises and sunsets. I love those times of day because I can just look out into the horizon and be thankful for everything around me.
5. What famous person you look up to?
     I look up to Coco Chanel. She was such a do-my-own thing type of person, and because of her I can wear my favorite yoga pants.
6. Which country's cuisine you find the most interesting & tasty?
     I find Thai food very interesting. When I went to visit in 2010, I found the flavors all so intriguing. Coconut mango sticky rice? Love that too.
7. Any hobbies?
     My hobbies have changed considerably throughout the years. I love scrap booking, but I recently haven't found time to do it. Another hobby is baking/cooking, hence the blog!
8. If you could describe yourself with a colour, which one would it be?
      If I were a color, I would probably be periwinkle or navy blue. I don't really know why, I just really like these colors.
9. Why have you started blogging?
     I went to a cooking/nutrition camp at Northwestern University during the summer of 2011, and that's when I really realized how much I love being in the kitchen (yes, I know I'm living the woman stereotype). Since then, I've cooked and baked intermittently, but wanted to make it more regular. When I found recipes, I'd lose them or forget to bookmark them. This way, I can document tasty creations while sharing them with others.

10. Talents or skills you are proud of?
     I love being flexible. I know it sounds weird, but it's super convenient to fit into small sitting spaces.
11. Most amazing thing, day, memory of your life?
     I have a lot, so I'll share a more recent one. Over the summer, My mom and I went to visit my brother in Arizona. We went to the zoo that we used to go to as little children, and that brought back loads of memories. We went to the petting zoo, and then looked for the talking parrot that  used to respond to "Poly want a cracker?" and ended the day with really good food. 
Now, here are the questions that I want the nominated bloggers to answer:
  1. What's your favorite childhood food, and why?
  2. What makes and breaks your day?
  3. Name the top three best places you've been to.
  4. What's your guilty pleasure?
  5. Favorite go-to comfort food?
  6. What made you happy this week?
  7. Favorite holiday, and why?
  8. Goal in life?
  9. Is there anything you need/eat everyday to keep you sane?
  10. Did your college degree help with your job?
  11. Taken from Stephanie: What's your most amazing thing, day memory of your life?
 And now drum roll please! Here are the nominees:
  1. Endlessly Enraptured
  2. Nellie And Oliver
  3. The Spotty Teapot
  4. Making Little Adventures
  5. Viki k Style
  6. The Bumbling Bee
  7. Blueberry Days
  8. Haley Here
  9. And Gee Said... 
  10. Rustic Peach
  11. Porridge n Pickles 
This was the hardest thing to do. There are so many new bloggers out there like myself, so go check their blogs out!

Nominees-- once you've reposted this, come back and comment so I can read your answers!


  1. Great post! Happy to get to know you a little better and really enjoyed reading!x Same here for the 9 & 11 random fact:)

  2. Congratulations....nice to know you:)

  3. It took me a while to get round to writing it, but I've finally managed to do this. Thanks so much for the award, I really appreciated it :)
    Here's my post:

    Thanks again x

  4. Hello lovely!
    I finally got round to doing this - thank you so much for nominating me! Loved getting to know more about you! xxx
    Here's the link:

  5. Hey Grace, sorry for my belated comment but thank you for nominating me!! I don't actually know 11 bloggers who haven't already been nominated for this so I won't post about it but thanks, it means so much to know you enjoy reading my blog!


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